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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Nashville Board Up to Protect and Preserve

Kevin and Eunice worked hard to fasten the plywood sheets to all exposed openings due to the fire in this Nashville home. The exterior windows also were secured... READ MORE

Nashville Mold Found In Garage Walls

A roof leak resulted in a substantial amount of mold damage in this Nashville garage. Our crew at SERVPRO of South Nashville tore out the affected drywall and i... READ MORE

Did Nashville Flood Damage Ruin this Carpeting

The owner of this home thought the flood damage from this Did Nashville Flood Damage Ruin this Carpeting Nashville storm had destroyed the carpeting. SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Nashville Water Damage In a Warehouse

If left unrepaired, Nashville water damage will continue to worsen, leading to greater problems. SERVPRO of Nashville South Nashville found and fixed the leaki... READ MORE

Belle Meade Crawlspace with Raccoon Infestation

A Belle Meade crawlspace was infested with raccoons. SERVPRO of South Nashville cleaned and replaced the vapor barrier after the raccoons had entered and left b... READ MORE

Fire Damage to home in Belle Meade

This home in Belle Meade had fire damage in their kitchen and dining room. Very distressed after the fire was extinguished, the homeowners called SERVPRO of Sou... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning in Brentwood, TN

The customer needed the carpet cleaned and stretched as a result of prior water damage. SERVPRO did just that and the customer is extremely pleased with the res... READ MORE

Nashville storm damage and repair from roof leak

Storm damage in this Nashville home was extensive. The owners required the repairs quickly. SERVPRO of South Nashville Professionals is trained and certified in... READ MORE

Nashville Water Damage to this homes bathroom

Water damage Nashville - if any room needs to have water damage repaired note that quality is our prime objective. Here you see the before and after of a bathro... READ MORE

Professional Cleaners –Nashville Office Building

Professional cleaning at this Nashville office building was performed to increase the probability of securing a new tenant for this commercial office space. The... READ MORE

Water Damage – Brentwood Garage Ceiling

Water damage in this Brentwood garage was created by the water heater. The homeowner acted quickly, calling SERVPRO for water damage repair. Due to the owners... READ MORE

Fire Damage at Nashville’s Lipscomb University

Fire damage at Lipscomb University created considerable smoke damage. SERVPRO’s dry sponge method for severe soot removal is shown in the before photo. On... READ MORE

Cleaned and Restored Firefighter Turnout Gear

SERVPRO of South Nashville had an opportunity to show off our newest addition to our already extensive arsenal of cleaning equipment--The Esporta Machine. This ... READ MORE

Nashville Mold Removal and Rebuild

Our team executed a demolition of several rooms of this house in Nashville. The mold was not overly pervasive, but the homeowner wanted peace of mind that all t... READ MORE

Burst Pipe Leads to Floor Damage in Nashville

The residents woke up to about one inch of water covering this section of their home in Nashville. They decided to turn this inconvenient event into an opportun... READ MORE

Nashville Stormy Weather

Flowing rainwater from a broken downspout lead to an accumulation by the foundation of water that accessed this lower level of a home in Nashville. The carpetin... READ MORE

Water on a Fitness Center Floor Can Cause Slipping

This Nashville fitness center had a problem with a leaky water pipe that deposited puddles in several sections of the exercise area. The owners, being concerned... READ MORE

Oak Hill Storm Damage Cleanup

The breached roof allowed rainwater from a severe storm to enter the attic crawl space over this garage area. Our SERVPRO of South Nashville technicians donned ... READ MORE

Berry Hill Mold Remediation Needed

This corner is opposed to a bathroom that had seepage because of non-performing caulk at the tub joint. The moisture wicked through the porous drywall and the o... READ MORE

Commercial Administrative Building and Water Damage in Nashville

When a leak in the supply line for the sprinkler system sprung a leak at a sprinkler head, the water was absorbed like a sponge into the drop ceiling. The weigh... READ MORE

Nashville Fire Damage Restoration

This older building in Nashville was a landmark until the fire ruined one wing of it. It was put out quickly by the local first responders. Our SERVPRO of South... READ MORE

Berry Hill Water Damage Cleanup

The renter gave up trying to remove all the water in the living area caused by the broken water line to the clothes washer behind the folding double doors. Our ... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold Remediation in Oak Hill

The water supply line of the commode leaked for several weeks which allowed the accumulated moisture to give a source of water to the dormant mold spores within... READ MORE

Berry Hill Storm-Ravaged Home

The family treasures suffered water damage from the storm that raced through this area of Berry Hill. The water flowed down from a break in the roof and saturat... READ MORE

Nashville Motel Lobby and Mold Remediation

This Nashville motel sustained a mold infestation when the exterior wall had a foundation crack allowing water seepage to occur. The dormant mold spores produce... READ MORE

Fire Damage at Nashville House

Fire damage at this Nashville home resulted from an electrical fire that began in a light fixture. The before photo show the damage to the ceiling and insulatio... READ MORE

Forest Hills Mold in a Basement

This basement in Forest Hills was scheduled for a remodel conversion into a bonus room. The humidity had been high, no A/C, and enough cellulose matter for mold... READ MORE

Water Damage In La Vergne

The team at SERVPRO of South Nashville recently repaired water damage due to a slow leak in La Vergne, Tennessee. The damage caused by the leak included deterio... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Drop Ceiling in Forest Hills

The roof gave way during a severe rain and wind storm in Forest Hills wetting the ceiling tiles in this office building. Water stains on the acoustical tiles me... READ MORE

Nashville Condo Service Area

A broken water main, for the second time (notice the once before repaired drywall close to the floor) caused a significant flood to this condominium service are... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Nashville Restaurant

Fire damage at this Nashville restaurant reached every inch of the facility. There were soot and smoke damage in every nook and cranny. The owner was very conce... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Nashville Home

Mold damage at this Nashville home was discovered along the baseboards. With the use of sophisticated moisture detection devices, we found that dampness existed... READ MORE

Storm Flooded Crawl Space in Nashville

Groundwater from a flood stormed through this Nashville rental property and left standing water and debris on the existing vapor barrier. Technicians can use su... READ MORE

Locker Room Water Damage in Nashville

A supply line ruptured during the night depositing a large volume of fresh water on the tiled floor of this locker room area in Nashville. Technicians initial r... READ MORE

Nashville Office and Unwanted Water

The leak ran down the interior of this office in an Admin building in Nashville. The commercial grade carpet, glued with no padding, was wetted. Our SERVPRO of ... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos