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Nashville Commercial Water Damage from a Burst Pipe

3/15/2016 (Permalink)

Don't Let a Pinhole Leak Become a Burst Pipe

SERVPRO Rapidly Restores a Water Damaged Business in Nashville

A burst pipe is a common problem for commercial buildings and offices leading to water damage in Nashville. Although a burst pipe can be devastating no matter where it happens, your business can take a hit because of the total effects it can have on many levels. Burst pipes can wreak havoc on your building’s structure and make it unusable space until repairs and restoration are complete. This can affect your business's bottom line. Computers and other electronics may be ruined causing a loss of information and communication.
Although pipes can rupture unexpectedly despite your efforts to prevent it, there are still some steps you can take to help decrease the risk so that your business doesn’t lose its momentum due to unexpected and unwanted downtime. SERVPRO offers the following tips to protect your plumbing system and reduce the risks of a pipe bursting due to extreme temperatures.
1. Temperature
It makes sense that if your office ambient air temperature is set at a comfortable level, then the pipes could not freeze. The heat should be kept on 24 hours a day during the cold months, not just while you are occupying your office. Check with your insurance carrier if it is required that you keep your building set at a particular temperature for insurance purposes.
2. Water Cut-Off Valve
You should always know where the main water cut-off is located and check for its functionality. Prevents excessive water damage.
3. Insulation
Insulating your pipes and water tank can be done by a professional plumber and can save you a bundle in unexpected repair costs and electrical savings. A well-timed investment.
4. Service Your Boiler
Regular maintenance on your boiler helps identify issues that need immediate repairs and possible future repairs. Maintenance and routine checks are recommended once a year. Helps prevent water damage.
5. Drain Pipes While Away
If your business will be closed for a week or more, you may want to drain your pipes and heating system during severe weather. Pipes can't burst from water expansion.
6. Warm the Attic
Leaving the attic access door (scuttle door) open to get warm air circulating through it keeps warmth around the pipes, reducing the risk of bursting. But not advised for the hot summer months.
What to do When a Pipe Bursts
Despite all your efforts to prevent a pipe burst, sometimes it just happens, so what do you do next when you’re office is flooding with water?
1. Shut Off the Water!
Find your water valve immediately to prevent further flooding and try to move furniture, office files, business inventory and other belongings in the immediate path impending water damage. Be careful around electronics and electrical outlets. Let the professionals from SERVPRO handle this. Electrocution or severe shock is a risk when there is flooding water on the flooring.
2. Contact Your Insurance Company
Immediately call your insurance carrier and file a report. They can also let you know what you need to do next since they deal with burst pipes on a regular basis. Your agency probably has SERVPRO at the top of its list as a preferred water damage restoration company. Over 315 insurance and property management companies rely on SERVPRO for emergency assistance. We even help you with your claim and paperwork.
3. Contact Clients
You may lose contact with your business dealings for a period due to the water damage and the time needed for repairs. This can set you back financially, but you don't want it to affect your relationship with your clients. Be sure to contact your clients and customers if you are going to be out of commission and communication for any length of time. Utilize temporary work quarters to conduct business.

A burst pipe from freezing or infrastructure failure, or a fire-suppressant sprinkler system that has gone awry, result in loss of business opportunity. By calling in SERVPRO to remove the water, dry out the structure, clean all office furnishings, electronics, and systems, sanitize and deodorize, you expedite your return to normal business operations. Our IICRC trained technicians adhere to the latest techniques, as they use industry leading equipment, to get your doors reopened following Nashville water damage to your enterprise. Our goal is to get your business back in business "Like it never even happened."

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO of South Nashville is positioned to be faster to any size disaster. If your Nashville business, Brentwood office building, or Berry Hill Restaurant suffers from mold, fire, or water damage, call us for immediate 24/7 help. (615) 331-0200

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