Commercial Photo Gallery

SERVPRO Responds to Commercial Storm Damage in Nashville

After the storm rolled through and damaged the roof of this commercial building in Nashville, we rolled in with our Green Fleet. SERVPRO is a member of a select group of Disaster Recovery Teams for natural emergencies and Large-Loss Recovery. Pictured is a 5000 cubic ft/minute desiccant dehumidifier package that can circulate and capture enormous amounts of airborne moisture. Our skilled team arrived quickly with the right industry leading equipment and began the effort of restoring a standard RH Relative Humidity level within the warehouse. Our client was elated that we prevented secondary water damage to several million dollars worth of inventory. Count on us to keep your business in business.

Water Damage Drying in a Nashville Hotel

A window not sealed properly allowed the seepage of water into the wall of this Nashville hotel. Our SERVPRO crew tore out the non-salvageable water damaged drywall. We used HEPA hand held vacuums during the demolition to prevent the airborne debris from circulating. Pictured is the poly containment barrier we rigged using jacks and non-sticking painter's tape. The yellow air filter taped into the polypropylene sheet allows for the return flow of air during the negative air technique for enhancing the drying time of the affected wall. By diminishing the drying zone, we soon were able to apply an antifungal agent to the wall cavity before sealing up the treated wall. "Like it never even happened." Management was pleased that the room was ready for guests within a few short days.

Mold Remediation to a Commercial Building in Nashville

This Photo illustrates the range of expertise that SERVPRO AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians possess to accomplish the task at hand. By erecting a dual layer polypropylene containment zone along with the deployment of negative pressure devices, mold spores had no chance to circulate to unaffected areas of this commercial building in Nashville. The attention to detail of protecting the light fixture and an exit chamber helped ensure a professional mold remediation. Notice the use of painter's tape which leaves no residue nor peels finishes from hard surfaces, and 2x4's and jacks used to support our rigged containment barrier. When we left the mold-free work site, it was "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Damage At A Nashville Medical Facility

Our crew at SERVPRO of South Nashville received a call regarding water damage to a Nashville Medical Facility. Our technicians deployed quickly and started the water damage restoration process immediately. In order to dry the wall on the other side which had cabinets, we had to cut into the wall cavity. We strategically placed high-speed air movers in the area where the damage was to accelerate the evaporation of moisture. Our experts implemented advanced restoration and cleaning tools to restore the property to pre-damage condition. Our team at SERVPRO of South Nashville takes pride in making it “Like it never even happened.”

Containment and Commercial Water Loss in Nashville

The most expedient methodology of water and moisture removal from commercial structures is generally advantageous to hasten the drying process. This Photo depicts the use of poly sheeting as containment barriers to diminish the drying zone. Negative pressure is utilized to increase the desired results that also protect the contents from damage. This Nashville client was very pleased with our expertise in handling the water loss. Trust SERVPRO to keep your business functioning with minimal interruptions.

Warehouse Storm Damage in South Nashville

The flooding damaged the lower four feet of the gypsum paneling in this South Nashville warehouse. After rapidly extracting the standing water, the walls were gutted to prepare for installation of new material. The placement of dehumidifiers, having been removed at this point, helped to dry out the concrete flooring.

Nashville Apartment Complex in Commercial Hot Water

This high-rise apartment building in Nashville suffered a hot water line break on the 15th floor. The water leaked down affecting 3-5 units on each floor, all the way to ground level. This large-loss Category 3 commercial water damage was restored to its preloss condition with rapid water removal from the SERVPRO of South Nashville team. Management breathes a sigh of relief when the Green Box Trucks are on the scene. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

South Nashville Commercial Water Damage

When commercial water damage plagues your business, there is only one phone call to make, and that's to the professionals at SERVPRO of South Nashville! Our trained technicians have the expertise and knowledge to solve any water damage issue you may have. We have the proper equipment to dry your property and restore it to pre-damage condition. Our specialists use Industrial-grade dehumidifiers and High-speed air movers to create airflow and prevent secondary water damage. Don't let your business be shut down because of water damage, call the experts at SERVPRO of South Nashville for help today!

Nashville Commercial Water Damage

A broken water line flooded the floor of this fabricating plant in Nashville with a large amount of water. Wet vacs suctioned up the standing water and dehumidifiers finished the drying service. Back to work.

Nashville Drying Cleanup

This hospital hallway had residual standing water after a sprinkler system mishap. Professional drying using air movers and gel dehumidifiers was required. We quickly vacated the remaining moisture to enhance the indoor air quality and prevent secondary water damage.

Berry Hill Water Damage to a Chapel

The broken supply line to the restrooms resulted in standing water on the carpeted  aisle of this Berry Hill chapel. We quickly extracted the water, placed drying  equipment, and services were on schedule. We did float sections of the carpeting to  expedite the drying process.

SERVPRO Dispatches Our Green Trucks for Emergency Service

When the La Quinta Inns & Suites called SERVPRO of South Nashville for emergency water removal, we responded promptly. A pipe had broken on the second floor, and water was leaking and flooding both units under the break. The flow of water from the failed water pipe had been stopped. Our crew arrived with several vehicles containing all equipment and products needed for the water extraction. Our IICRC certified techs removed ceiling tiles to dry the insulation in the subfloor. We vacuumed the carpeting and set up an air mover to rapidly complete the drying. The wall was also treated to remove moisture. We are ready 24/7 to keep your doors open to accommodate your guests. Call us at (615) 331-0200.

Water Removal from a Nashville Metro Library Branch

The SERVPRO of South Nashville crews, within one hour, responded to a call from a Nashville metro public library branch for help with a flooding problem. Part of our fleet, two green box trucks, and a water extractor van, pictured here, quickly setup to begin the water removal process. Secondary water damage is minimized when rapid extraction can be accomplished. We proudly serve our local communities and also try to save us all a few tax dollars. Call us for any fire, mold, or water damage that may, unfortunately, occur on your property. Always ready, 24/7, to help. (615) 331-0200

The SERVPRO of South Nashville Disaster Recovery Team

The SERVPRO of South Nashville Disaster Recovery Team recently traveled to Tampa, Florida to help our good friends at SERVPRO of West Tampa with a large commercial fire loss in an apartment complex. The SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team can provide emergency assistance for a tornado, blizzard, hurricane, or flood. Every large fire damaging event requires special attention and supervision. We dispatch a commercial operations manager to help ensure seamless communication and timely mitigation. SERVPRO franchises coordinate as one large unit, always happy to help each other.