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How Mold Affects Homeowners in Berry Hill

11/13/2015 (Permalink)

Your Berry Hill Home's Mold Remediation Service Provided by SERVPRO Solves the Problem

One of the most debilitating and toxic household occurrences that residential property owners in Berry Hill can encounter is a mold infestation. In addition to negatively impacting your health, mold can do damage to structural areas of your home. Learning more about the nature of mold and how to secure high quality mold remediation services can help you prevent headaches (literally), expedite the remediation process for returning your home to a safe state, and save money. With this idea in mind, SERVPRO offers the following review:

Mold Basics. Molds are fungi that thrive in the environment. However, mold can also start to live and grow in residential properties if the conditions are right. The ideal setting for mold is one that is moist and wet. For this reason, mold growth and water damage go hand in hand. Molds release spores that circulate in the air and then settle in cracks and surfaces, the potential food source, while they are dry. Once enough moisture is present, the spores grow string-like colonies that expand into mold patches. The fungi then reproduce and can proliferate throughout your property.

Here is how the mold growth process typically unfolds:

• Mold starts to grow within 48-72 hours of exposure to sufficient moisture. Dark and damp places of growth increase the difficulty of discovering an infestation.
• Once mold grows, its reproductive spores are released into the air, thereby spreading the infestation. HVAC ductwork and air/handlers are major vehicles for the widening of mold spores locations. These active spores can cause a wide range of unwanted health problems, some of which include eye irritation, rashes, asthma, headaches, nausea, and chronic fatigue.
• The mold releases an organic compound--mycotoxins--which may be poisonous to people, animals, and crops. Often, the initial awareness of a mold infestation is the strong, musty odor within the home. This smell penetrates the property and remains present as long as the mold continues to grow and thrive.
• Initially, mold is a surface phenomenon. With time, however, the fungus starts to penetrate building materials like drywall and wood.

Finding The Right Mold Remediation Company. In recognizing all of the negative effects that a mold infestation can have on your property, what is the next step? The answer is simple: find the right mold remediation company to quickly and safely exterminate the unwanted fungus. SERVPRO's crews are IICRC-certified technicians, have extensive industry experience, and offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that your mold issue can be addressed and resolved promptly. Many specialized pieces of equipment are necessary for safe removal. Cleaning tools, special cleaning agents, and chemicals broadcast through foggers, reach voids and unreachable areas of your Berry Hill home to ensure eradication. Air scrubbers return the interior air quality of your property to safe and healthy levels. 

Call SERVPRO For Effective Mold Remediation Services. The awareness of mold proliferation within your Berry Hill home can lead to unhealthy symptoms for household members, and damage to personal belongings and building components. Delaying mold remediation increases property damage resulting in higher expenses. Call SERVPRO, for a mold inspection, and a mold remediation service if needed.

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