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How Severe Flood Damage In Nashville Does Not Stand A Chance Against Our Team

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Severe Flood Damage In Nashville Does Not Stand A Chance Against Our Team The faster that this process can begin, the less irreparable damage that occurs to construction materials and the less possibility of developing mold.

Severe Weather Damages Result in Flooding at Your Nashville Home

Severe weather systems are all too familiar to Nashville homeowners, and the effects of these weather events can lead to substantial damages to the external materials of your home. From compromising your roof to damaging the siding and gutters of your house, one singular incident can lead to substantial water loss conditions within your house. Flooding throughout the area is often a direct result of storm damages to properties.

While you might not have experienced flood damages in your Nashville home before, some instances of flooding have nothing at all to do with your positioning to floodplains and proximity from streams and rivers. With high winds and torrential rainfall, a weakened tree could tear open the side of your house by falling or splitting or these same conditions could remove or critically damage parts of your roof.

In these situations, runoff and the torrential rainfall now have a point of access to your house, and the effects spread quickly from the source to impact multiple areas of your home. From the moment that you recognize a problem, you can reach out to our SERVPRO emergency response team. We can arrive promptly and get to work on sealing over the damaged portion of your home to prevent continual penetration and work to mitigate the damage to your property and its contents.

Being close enough to when the problem began, our SERVPRO technicians can often work quickly to extract the excess water and start work on removing the saturation and dampness from these areas as well. The faster that this process can begin, the less irreparable damage that occurs to construction materials and the less possibility of developing equally hazardous conditions with mold and microbial growth.

One of the challenging things about flooding that results from severe weather damages to your home is that you often cannot recognize a problem until you experience the symptoms. If you have a flooding emergency in your home, do not hesitate to call our SERVPRO of South Nashville rapid response team immediately at (615) 331-0200.

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Widespread Flooding In Nashville When Creeks And Streams Overflow

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Widespread Flooding In Nashville When Creeks And Streams Overflow One of the significant risks to streams, creeks, and rivers overflowing is the possibility of bacteria and contamination through the water.

Widespread Flooding When Creeks And Streams Overflow

Heavy rainfall and long-spanning storms throughout the Nashville area have taken a significant toll on the structures and houses. While many of the residents have attempted to safeguard their homes against the possibility of these severe weather systems, no potential solution is ever guaranteed. With the widespread damages and natural disasters that can often arise from prolonged torrential rainfall on bodies of water throughout the area, you should prepare yourself for what to do should you be in the path of destruction.

When you think of flood damages in your Nashville home, most homeowners only consider the high volume of water. While this is a significant risk all on its own, there are many ways that your home gets affected by the rising waters throughout the area. As a commitment to helping you mitigate the damage that these instances can cause, our SERVPRO professionals can begin removing at-risk items from your home once we have gotten assigned to complete the restoration, to preserve them and keep them out of harm’s way.

One of the significant risks to streams, creeks, and rivers overflowing is the possibility of bacteria and contamination through the water. There are so many places and businesses that flood waters impact on a route to your home, and these can carry damaging chemicals or specific items that pose a threat as well. Our SERVPRO technicians not only can extract and dry the water damage, but to clean up the debris and dirt left behind, and ultimately disinfect the area in light of potential contamination.

Our technicians can help to prepare your home for reconstruction and remodeling following the worst of the flood effects. With the high powered water rushing into your home, the pressure can significantly damage and ruin materials like drywall and wood, requiring them to get removed when they cannot get restored by our advanced techniques. The objective is to leave the area ready for a residential contractor to start building immediately.

Understanding some of the ways that our SERVPRO of South Nashville technicians can help you through a situation like this can show you the level of dedication that we have for our customers. It can also show you the commitment that we have to do our job to the highest degree with every restoration task we perform. Give us a call immediately when you experience flood damages at (615) 331-0200.

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Preventable Causes Of Flood Damage In Nashville

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preventable Causes Of Flood Damage In Nashville Storms Large and Small in the Nashville Area--Call SERVPRO for Fast Help

SERVPRO Offers Advice and Insight into Storm Damage Prevention and Mitigation

Although no one can stop the rains, there are ways to limit flooding in your Nashville home. Overland flooding or backups due to overwhelmed storm sewage systems are but two of the sources of floodwaters in the lower levels of your home. Regardless of the source of the water, we have the technicians and the equipment to help you recover.
Even though the water causing flood damage to your Nashville home may be drawing your eyes down as it seeps into the foundation or lower levels, the problem often is at the roofline. Clogged gutters and damaged downspouts cause water to pound down near the perimeter of your home, saturating the soil and ultimately invading through the slab, poured, or cinder block foundation. We can respond to and restore the damage but expect suggestions from our managers or production crew to minimize or even eliminate future flooding.
The grading and landscaping around your home can also contribute to the seepage of floodwaters into the foundation. Over time even correctly graded ground can erode and shift, encouraging rainwater to drain into your home rather than away from it. SERVPRO crews also see scenarios where plantings surrounding your home contribute to excess water moving into the porous materials making up the base and protecting the lower levels of your house. Irrigation systems or merely an overdone watering of foundation gardens have the unhappy result of a wet home.
SERVPRO evaluates the characteristics of the water flooding into your home to determine whether it needs to be contained and disposed of according to local regulations. The sooner you get our team to your home the more likely that the water checks out as Category 1. If the soil around your home is loose, dirt particles can flow in with the water. Lawn chemicals, fertilizers, and even pet wastes can taint the water, requiring careful handling. Gutter overflow can also contain bird and animal waste and mold, threatening the flooded area with microbial growth if not disinfected and dried out after the flood water evacuates.
Submersible pumps and water extractors pull most of the flood water out of your home. If Category 1 we can drain it outside, but take care to deposit far from the house to prevent it from flooding again. We use moisture meters and infrared scanners to locate hidden pockets of moisture and to set a baseline for drying goals. SERVPRO crews position air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to dry out the affected space. The moisture numbers are monitored to ensure we achieve standard levels.
The team at SERVPRO of South Nashville has the necessary training and experience to remediate seepage-based flooding. Do not hesitate to call us at (615) 331-0200 if flood waters build up in your home.

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Stopping and Preventing Flood Damage in Nashville

3/31/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Stopping and Preventing Flood Damage in Nashville Sealing off your crawlspace can help prevent any water from seeping into your home from the floor. Contact SERVPRO to discuss or for remediation.

Preventative Measures Can Go a Long Way to Preventing Any Future Damage to Your Home

Nashville residents deal with rain and flooding every storm season. Most homes do not have to deal with much water, some flood every year, and a few have to deal with more water than they ever expected.
For a few of them, it is the flood damage under Nashville homes that cause both short- and long-term problems. Crawlspaces are usually just a space under a home that provides a place for spiders, rats, and other pests. After more than twenty years supporting our neighbors, SERVPRO knows that some homes are at risk even when the owners think they are high and dry.
Floodwater can penetrate every crack in a concrete wall, and if the groundwater is already high, it can seep up through the ground. Depending on how high the water is outside the home, water in a crawlspace can remain for days.
Even if the water in a crawlspace drains swiftly, it does cause some damage every time a heavy rain strikes a home. Installing a sump pump provides a way to begin removing water soon after it begins to collect, but preventing water from entering, to begin with, is a much better way to deal with the problem.
Encapsulation closes off the crawlspace from outside moisture. It not only protects the crawlspace but if the flood water rises high enough, it penetrates into the home through the sub-floor. We start with finding every crack and seep in the walls and seal them with hydraulic cement. After they fill every crack, our technicians cover each wall with masonry cement. These two compounds together form an excellent seal against further water intrusion.
Next, SERVPRO technicians cover the floor and walls with thick sheets of polyethylene as a vapor barrier. We stretch these sheets into place and use polyurethane caulk or foundation tape to secure them.
Once we have the crawlspace sealed off, we remove moisture from what is now an enclosed environment. Our technicians do this by installing one or more dehumidifiers. Each device can draw 25 gallons of water from the air. It not only reduces humidity to a normal level but lowers the risk of mold spores expanding and growing into a mass that can cause further damage.
Encapsulation can also reduce utility costs. Depending on the size of the crawlspace, some homes could see their heating and cooling bills reduced by as much as eighteen percent.
Protecting a home from flood damage takes much more than just pumping out water and drying out carpets. If you have floodwater in or under your home, SERVPRO of South Nashville is here to help. Call us today at (615) 331-0200.

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Reasons to Consider Waterproofing Your Nashville Basement

3/15/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Reasons to Consider Waterproofing Your Nashville Basement Call SERVPRO to help waterproof your basement and protect it from flooding.

SERVPRO Can Help You Protect Your Home from Storm Damage

Your Nashville home experiences all kinds of severe weather throughout the year, and protecting your home from all that could happen can feel insurmountable at times. However, there are approaches that you can take to keep seemingly insignificant problems from turning into substantial problems and disasters in the future.

One such thing is waterproofing the basement of your Nashville home. You might think that this is one of those optional choices that might or might not help you to avoid instances of flooding or water penetration that provides the right conditions for mold growth. In truth, you would only be partly correct. While it is an optional choice for reinforcing the structural integrity and strength of your homes foundation walls, it is very much a process that can prevent severe emergencies and costly restorations later on.

This waterproofing is something that our SERVPRO professionals get specially trained to do, ensuring that every home we enter gets the same level of dedication and quality. From the moment that we arrive at your home, we begin an assessment of the current state of the foundation walls of your basement to see the condition of each area. This inspection can give us a better understanding of which spots require more dedicated effort and attention to achieve the same result around the entire basement wall.

The process itself involves sealing up the entirety of the wall using roll-on materials and reinforcing vulnerable areas of the basement with hydraulic cement. Our overall process depends on the needs that your particular home has, but might also include grading the floors to direct water to a sump pump to be installed or installing gutters or drain systems to divert water away from the basement.

If you have been thinking about how to preserve and protect your home from storm damage threats that could come at any time, basement waterproofing is a serious consideration to make. This process is a specialty of our SERVPRO of South Nashville team, and we can have you ready to face whatever the wind might blow in. Give us a call today at (615) 331-0200.

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Flood Damage Cleanup for Your Nashville Home

1/26/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Cleanup for Your Nashville Home Floodwaters can rise quickly, filling your home with water and causing much damage, SERVPRO is here to restore your "Like it never even happened."

Rely on SERVPRO for Fast and Efficient Flood Damage Restoration

Overbank flooding is what most people think of when they hear about floods in Nashville. When filled with heavy rains, the water in a river overflows its banks and spreads over the land surrounding it. The water tends to spread out and be moving slowly when the area is flat and wide. It might look as if it is not moving at all.

Floods can cause massive flood damage to your Nashville home. The waters can rise quite quickly, giving you little to no time to save anything from your home before having to evacuate. Either way, when the floods have receded, you need help cleaning up your home again. SERVPRO is always ready to help you out, as we are professionally trained flood damage remediation specialists.

We recognize that water damage creates a devastating setback for you and your family, so we do whatever it takes to give you back that sense of security with the least amount of disruption. Our restoration and recovery process is aimed at people and property. We understand the emotional disruption which most people go through after suffering a flood. You can rely on us to minimize the impact of the flooding and damage.

SERVPRO professionals identify how severe the damage is, both seen and hidden, by using sensors like hygrometers and moisture detectors. We also help you overcome feeling helpless by explaining all our processes so you understand what is going on at all times, what you can expect, and what you can do.

Water damaged homes are the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. One of mold’s favorite foods is the paper on the drywall. Paired with the warm, humid air, this creates the ideal reproduction environment. It is why removing the water and drying your home as quickly as possible is so important. However, if any mold has begun to grow in your home, we can also take care of that for you.

SERVPRO of South Nashville is experienced at cleaning up all kinds of flood and water damage so that you can trust your home in 12 South, Woodbine, or Berry Hill to us. When you call us at (615) 331-0200, we are quick to get to your home and begin work, so your home does not suffer additional damages.

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Drying a Wet Crawl Space in Nashville After a Storm

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Drying a Wet Crawl Space in Nashville After a Storm SERVPRO Provides Encapsulation for Nashville Crawl Spaces to Mitigate Storm Damage

SERVPRO Dries Out Crawl Spaces and Offers Encapsulation to Prevent Future Water Damage from Storms

Nashville homes are usually storm resistant. People here are used to the wind and rain and act accordingly to protect their roofs, walls, and floors. It is more challenging to protect basements and crawlspaces from the same water, however.
To dry out a Nashville home wet crawlspace, we first have to remove the water. That is not usually a problem, but since this is a storm, the ground is going to be very wet and possibly damaged. SERVPRO technicians understand that means multiple, water-filled low spots. It can be difficult to bring in hoses even in a large crawl space to syphon out the pooling water.
The next step is to lower the humidity as much as possible. Bringing in a dehumidifier is not usually an option, just like pump hoses. We can set up dehumidifiers with flexible plastic conduits to direct the moist air from the space to the exterior. We can also place containers with chemical desiccants in the crawlspace to absorb water from the air. If possible, we set up an air mover above the crawlspace and blow in warm, dry air to displace the damp air we attempt to draw out using an exhaust fan.
Now that we removed the water, SERVPRO technicians encapsulate the crawlspace once the moisture level and soil dampness have been reduced to normal levels. We cover the dirt floor with polyethylene sheets and a polyester mesh for reinforcement. This 12 mil plastic guard covering prevents moisture from leeching up from the ground.
Next, SERVPRO technicians check the walls for cracks or seeps caused by the storm. Technicians can fill weaknesses with hydraulic cement and then cover the walls with masonry cement. These two compounds form an excellent seal against further water intrusion. Now that the walls are secure, we seal the polyethylene sheets and polyester mesh floor to them with waterproof, foundation tape.
Finally, to protect against further storms, we recommend applying a thick coat of liquid rubber to the outside of the foundation. Once it sets, the only way stormwater can get through is for a storm to crack the foundation or shift it underneath the home.
Drying out a wet crawlspace is not an easy task. It takes a professional service to remove the water and prevent further intrusion from future storms. To see how we can protect your home, call SERVPRO of South Nashville at (615) 331-0200 today. We are here for you.

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Repairing Flood Damage In Nashville

10/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Repairing Flood Damage In Nashville If the water remains too long, it can penetrate through the floors and cause the sub-floor and other support structure to buckle.

Repairing Damage After A Flood

Storm flooding costs Nashville homeowners millions in damages each year. Restoring a home to its original condition usually means removing standing water and moisture trapped in the walls and floors along with furniture and other personal property.

Some Nashville flood damage can be much worse, however. If the water remains too long, it can penetrate through the floors and cause the sub-floor and other support structure to buckle. With more than 20 years in the restoration business, SERVPRO knows how to find, remove, and replace damaged property when fixing your home means rebuilding from the ground up.

We start by inspecting where the customer tells us the floor had a little give even before the flood. Technicians remove one or two floorboards and examine the crawlspace underneath. If we find evidence of warping or rot, then we continue removing floorboards until we expose all of the problem areas.

If more than half of the supporting structure compromised, we strongly recommend to the homeowner to let us replace all of it. Depending on the amount damaged and the size of the room, most demolition and replacement takes anywhere from one to two weeks.

Before starting replacement, SERVPRO technicians check the level underneath. Extreme flooding can cause foundations to shift and drop several inches. Our response team is trained with commercial grade jacks and other specialized equipment to handle this situation and put the concrete pad back into its correct position. Once finished, it makes installation of a new sub-floor much simpler.

Now we install the new floor. Our response team works closely with the homeowner and the insurance company to use the best materials available, so it matches the original flooring if that is what the homeowner wants. Our goal is that the owner cannot tell where the old floor ends and our new one begins.

Rebuilding from a flood is not a quick process, but a professional restoration service makes it easier to deal with when it happens. SERVPRO of South Nashville has assisted our neighbors for almost three decades and is ready to help you. Call today at (615) 331-0200.

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Nashville Basement Waterproofing

9/2/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Nashville Basement Waterproofing Crawlspaces and Basements in the Greater Nashville Area Get Storm Water Restoration and Waterproofing from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Offers Many Techniques for Keeping Your Basement or Crawlspace Water Proof and Dry

With everything happening now concerning weather patterns, many homeowners in Nashville are trying to prepare for the next storm, instead of just responding to it. Although excessive flooding can overcome almost any preparation, it is possible to reduce or eliminate some damage. One of the more vulnerable areas in a home is the basement.

Waterproofing the basement in a Nashville home can prevent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in restoration, repair, and replacement costs. SERVPRO has decades of experience in Tennessee when it comes to keeping the lowest part of a home high and dry.

We begin the process with an inspection. Cinder block is tough, but cracks along the edges and in the cement between them appear over time in every home. If the basement has paneling or some other wall covering  it may trap moisture; it might be necessary to remove at least some of it to inspect the walls behind. Partial removal is also true for carpeted floors in the basement.

After the inspection, technicians use hydraulic cement to fill the cracks and seams. This type of cement is a superb product as a barrier against leaks. Once that is completed, our teams cover the basement walls with a layer of masonry cement. This second layer is waterproof and makes an excellent seal to stop leaks and seepage.

To ensure the best protection possible, we recommend waterproofing the outside walls also. Technicians dig out the foundation and clean it. Then, they apply a thick coating of liquid rubber to the walls; protecting the basement against storm flooding. The only way water can get into the basement now is if it rises high enough to get into the house and then down the basement stairs.

If the basement has a dirt floor, we use a different method called encapsulation. Our teams install polyethylene sheets and reinforce them with a polyester mesh. This Crawlguard product seals off the floor from bleeding moisture into the basement and is a very effective vapor barrier. We secure the mesh and sheets to the walls with foundation tape or a polyurethane caulk.
When it comes to securing your basement and home against storm water, prevention is much cheaper than calling us multiple times to pump out the water and dry out personal property. You can view our video about crawlspace encapsulation at, the second video.

If you need waterproofing or any of our other services, call SERVPRO of South Nashville today at (615) 331-0200. We are here to help.

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Get the Help You Deserve to Restore Flood Damage in Your Nashville Area Home

4/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Get the Help You Deserve to Restore Flood Damage in Your Nashville Area Home After you and your family are safe, call SERVPRO to remove the standing water from your property and help prevent mold damage. We are ready to help.

Our Technicians are Equipped to Remediate Your Flood Damage

Always contact local authorities when you are in immediate danger or need help when it comes to your safety. There are a variety of state and local agencies primed to respond to flooding situations throughout the state. Your family is not alone; help may be closer than you think.
During a flood, make sure that you avoid contact with flood waters. Contamination levels of flood waters may include raw sewage or other toxic substances that cause significant health issues for you and your family. Follow a few simple guidelines for avoiding extensive flood damage in your Nashville area home.
If you become stranded on your property during a flood and use a generator for energy, remember that generators produce toxic vapors called carbon monoxide. These vapors are extremely dangerous for you and your family, resulting in death if not handled correctly.
Never allow your children or their pets to play in flood waters. Several chemicals and diseases exist which heighten the risk of exposure and sickness to small children. If one does become exposed and experiences flu-like symptoms, report this to first responders, immediate medical attention for your loved ones is important.
When it is deemed safe by local authorities to return to your home, make sure to contact a quality restoration company, like SERVPRO to provide you with the services you need to get things under control as quickly and efficiently as possible.
SERVPRO offers a variety of services to remove flood waters quickly and help prevent mold growth that happens due to extensive exposure. Mold can cause severe health issues that you want to avoid, get the help you need within 48-hours to prevent these problems and other issues in your home.
SERVPRO technicians utilize a variety of techniques, including IICRC training and EPA guidelines to help return your indoor environment to a healthy, safe one that you and your family can enjoy. Take this opportunity to talk to professional technicians about possible improvements and address any concerns you may have for future events.
SERVPRO of South Nashville can help, call today for access to a variety of specialty procedures that help return your home, its contents and any personal belongings to a quality pre-damage condition. (615) 331-0200

SERVPRO - South Nashville Crawl Space Encapsulation

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO - South Nashville Crawl Space Encapsulation Any South Nashville home at risk to flooding or simply located near a creek, lake or another body of water is prone to excess moisture.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in South Nashville Home 

Most homeowners and renters never think about the crawl space in their home, let alone go into it. This often-ignored part of a house requires a degree of care, especially when it comes to keeping it free of excess moisture or standing water. Protecting it means more than spraying for spiders and putting in an open bucket of desiccant twice a year.

Any South Nashville home at risk to flooding or simply located near a creek, lake or another body of water is prone to excess moisture. SERVPRO understands that keeping this area of your home dry is essential to its overall structural integrity. You need a professional service to encapsulate your crawl space as a permanent solution.

Encapsulation simply means sealing your crawl space or perhaps an unfinished basement against moisture. To do it correctly requires the right materials and a trained crew to accomplish the task.

Our SERVPRO crew of technicians begins by inspecting and preparing the crawl space. They examine the area to ensure there is a level floor with no standing water, not even a small puddle. If there is, we use a variety of pumps and water extractors to remove it and then fill in any depressions or divots. If the air is too humid, we insert dehumidifiers into the crawl space to dry it and check the results using air moisture content meters.

The next step is to seal off the floor. We lay down thick sheets of polyethylene to act as a vapor barrier. These sheets are pushed into place and extend up the walls. Technicians use a polyurethane caulk or two-sided, foundation tape to secure them in place. The sheets are sealed to each other using the same materials.

Our crews use the same materials on the ceilings and walls. Before installation, technicians use the caulk or a special, hydraulic cement to seal all cracks. If there is a concern about the sheets serving as the vapor barrier pulling away from any surface, wood framing is used to keep the sheets in place and provide additional support at the caulked or taped points. Once completed, technicians use the air content moisture meters to check our work. Every seam is examined again to make certain they are sealed.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

The crawl space under your feet is easily forgotten until a disaster has happened, so the time to encapsulate this area is now. SERVPRO of South Nashville has years of experience in the business and is ready to help you secure your home against further damage. Call us at (615) 331-0200 to begin.

Services Needed to Protect Your Nashville Home After a Storm or Flood

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Services Needed to Protect Your Nashville Home After a Storm or Flood Crawlspaces harbor moisture. Call SERVPRO to discuss how to prevent moisture from remaining in your crawlspace.

Preparation is the Key to Preventing Storm Damage

Owning a home that resides in an area plagued by flooding, constant storms or inclement weather conditions can cause severe structural maintenance issues to develop over time. It is of particular importance to pay attention to new homes these days, where, even the slightest problems give water access to unprotected materials used during construction.
You would benefit from taking the time to locate a quality company that can provide you with the technicians and equipment necessary to dry out the crawl spaces of your Nashville home after a flood or heavy storm. Face it; the crawl space design used fifty years ago does not match changes made in building design over time.
SERVPRO offers a variety of services to help dry your entire home, including crawl spaces and other hard to reach areas. Depending on the foundation of your home, you likely open your crawl space access and find a dirt floor underneath. You may also find puddles of standing water, bugs, rodents, and little to no ventilation.
The vents installed in your home’s crawl space during construction are not adequate to remove moisture or protect your indoor environment sufficiently enough. Many homeowners find that crawl space encapsulation not only provides you with a more energy efficient option, but it also provides your family with a higher indoor air quality throughout your home.
At SERVPRO, we can provide you with crawl space encapsulation services that involve the use of recent technology to separate the crawl space from the ground using a high-quality vapor barrier; this creates an additional layer that protects your home from outdoor elements.
Our technicians perform a full inspection to determine the state of your crawl space before doing anything else. It involves locating and repairing any possible water problems that exist, along with cleaning, mold, and pest remediation services before encapsulating, to help avoid leaving vermin or fungi behind that can destroy the seal around the barrier we create.
SERVPRO can fully encapsulate your crawl space and install high-quality dehumidifiers to help regulate the temperature that exists, this often reduces foundation cracks, interior drywall cracks, developing uneven floors and produces great results your family can enjoy.
Contact SERVPRO of South Nashville for additional information or to obtain the services you deserve today. (615) 331-0200

SERVPRO Flood Damage Oak Hill TN

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Flood Damage Oak Hill TN Call the Experts. For Water, Fire, Mold Damage we make it “Like it never even happened.”

Overflowing creeks and rivers are a regular occurrence in many parts of Tennessee. Unfortunately, that also means flooded homes are a regular occurrence as well. When this happens, it is important to begin the water removal process as quickly as possible.
Flood damage in Oak Hill requires a professional restoration company. Poorly done water removal puts your home at risk for continued loss. SERVPRO maintains a 24-hour response team ready to answer your call and meet whatever requirements that your home may need. Our inspectors quickly determine the personnel and equipment we need to put your home and your life back to normal.
Here are the three general steps we take to get the water out of your home, reduce moisture to prevent mold growth, and thoroughly dry your home.

First, water removal and extraction. The only to stop continued loss of property and building material is to pump out all standing water and then use specialized extraction equipment to draw water out of carpets and concrete, tile or wood floors.

Second, identifying moisture levels and controlling mold. Even with the flood waters removed, remaining high levels of moisture in building materials and the surrounding air can provide an environment where mold spores can expand and begin to grow. Technicians use air content meters to measure moisture and mold levels and probes to check the inside of drywall for moisture and mold.
If technicians find mold, they treat affected areas with fungicides and anti-bacterial cleaners. These treatments stop growth while other technicians begin the drying process. If materials are not restorable, they are removed and disposed of according to state and federal regulations.

Third, drying out your home. If moisture levels are high, response team members use a combination of air movers, space heaters, and dehumidifiers to draw out the remaining excess amount and lower the levels back to normal. Once accomplished, mold spores stop growing and shrink back to their dormant state.
Mitigating the effects of flooding is a time-consuming and costly process. Accomplishing it with a handful of family members with a car-vac, a mop, and a bucket is not possible and may put your home at further risk. SERVPRO of South Nashville is here to help our community and neighbors return their homes to their original state. Call us today for an initial, free inspection at (615) 331-0200.

Flood Damage on Building Exteriors

1/6/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage on Building Exteriors Flooding that does not enter your home can still cause damage to the exterior of your home.

When floods hit a building, they hit hard. For larger, weather-induced floods, most types of homes take extensive exterior damage even if the interior remains sealed off. Whether the flood is relatively light and only hits the building foundation or if it's heavy, causing obvious physical damage and perhaps penetrating into the building, a building exterior will usually need careful attention in the flood's aftermath. Drying times are longer, and we need to be especially thorough to ensure that pockets of moisture don't develop into larger long-term problems.
Difficulties with Drying
There are a few factors that make building exteriors difficult to dry, and in many cases, these are specific to a certain building material. Most issues have to do with air pockets and insulation, which work against you after flood damage in Nashville. These issues are common in brick buildings, which have far more of these recesses than buildings covered in paneling or vinyl. Insulation poses a problem with buildings of most sizes and materials. Also, it is much more difficult to set up controlled air flows and to contain the area being dried, extending time spent there.
Moisture Monitoring
Another difficult process that SERVPRO must complete is monitoring moisture levels in the material. Materials are not truly dry unless they have reached their natural moisture content, meaning that although they may outwardly appear to be fully dried, enough moisture may remain to cause significant future damage. This can include cracking as water freezes, long-term material degradation, or even oxidation in metallic materials.
Drilling Holes
In many cases, we may be required to drill holes in the building exterior to provide air movement and circulation. This is to allow SERVPRO to dry out the wall's interior and get a better control over the material as a whole. While these may be expensive to repair, it is far cheaper than a complete replacement of the wall material, which is often the only other option.
SERVPRO of South Nashville has the resources and personnel to handle even the toughest of flood damage restorations. Call us at (615) 331-0200 when damage first strikes.

Storm Damage in Oak Hill

11/14/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage in Oak Hill Stand back and look at the balance of a potentially hazardous tree -- is it leaning or lopsided?

Oak Hill Storm Damage 

According to the National Weather Service, of all storm fatalities, deaths from flooding, winds, rip currents, and the cold has risen over that of the ten-year average. Storm damage is an umbrella term that covers damage from flooding, flash floods, high wind, debris, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, thunderstorms, and other natural weather events.

Storm damage in Oak Hill can get nasty quick. Living in such a prime region of the U.S. has its benefits such as lovely scenery during the fall season, but it can have its less desirable aspects as well, such as storm damage from the variety of storm events that occur in Tennessee. No matter how your home is damaged from a storm, SERVPRO is prepared to respond to your emergency with best practices, advanced gear, and the goal to ease your mind and get you back into your home as soon as possible.

Understanding the Hazards of Felled Trees After a Storm
Tennessee is home of some of the most beautiful treescapes in the U.S., but it is also home to a region of the U.S. that sees regular storms, flooding, tornadoes, and even hurricanes that come from the South and East Coast. The result of regular severe storms and flooding means that trees can fall anywhere at any time.

Lightning, flash flooding, high winds, and landslides can cause hundreds of trees to fall and put your life at risk. While you cannot avoid fallen trees on roadways post-storm, there are things you can do to prevent a large tree from falling onto your home, car(s), or even yourself on your property.

Recognizing and Preventing Tree Hazards
A hazardous tree will have structural defects that can cause a portion of the tree to fall on your home or person. You can see this in trees that are partially dead and hanging over your home. Even if the dead portion of the tree is not directly over your home, the tree is still compromised, and a severe storm can uproot it and cause severe damage.

It is important to look for signs of decay and weaknesses in your trees. Some clues that a tree is experiencing internal decay are cavities, cankers (disfigurations), and fungi growing on the trunk. Unknown to most people, forked trunks are a sign of potential weakness, especially if one side is growing outward rather than upwards. Prone to infection and weakening, you can avoid this tree from becoming a hazard on your property by using cables/braces to correct and strengthen the tree, or having it extracted.

Stand back and look at the balance of a potentially hazardous tree -- is it leaning or lopsided? This could indicate breakage and a lack of support. Are there cracks in the wound or lightening scars? This can turn into a larger problem and cause breakage in a strong thunderstorm, tropical storm, or flood.

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Storm Damage Leads to Restoring Hardwood Floors

9/29/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage Leads to Restoring Hardwood Floors Water Damage to a Nashville Floor Gets Dried and Restored by SERVPRO

Hardwood Flooring Requires a Faster Restoration from SERVPRO To Mitigate Damage

One of the first elements a visitor notices in a Southern home are the hardwood floors. They naturally stand out from carpeting and when they are properly cleaned and maintained, also help the resale value of a home tremendously.

Hardwood floors in Nashville homes also stand up to storm damage much better than carpets and softwoods. SERVPRO has developed a strategy designed to addresses the effects of submersion in stormwater. In order to prevent the warping or cupping of hardwood floors from becoming permanent, we have three points to address once standing water has been removed:

First, we need to immediately reduce the humidity of the flooring to a range of 30 to 45 percent. To accomplish this, our technicians will place a series of air movers (fans and other blowers) to key spots both on top of and underneath the affected flooring.

Second, once the floor's moisture content has been reduced to under 16 percent, we'll raise the temperature of the surrounding air to increase the evaporation process. To do this, our technicians will deploy a series of commercial heaters designed for this purpose.

Third, if the floor finish acts as a vapor barrier (prevents or substantially slows the evaporation process), it may need to be removed. Depending on the customer's desire, it can be stripped completely, or we can use a specialized tool called a pin roller to perforate the finish in the major areas to allow evaporation to continue uninterrupted. This process is often not needed as long as our technicians can get under the affected hardwood with the air movers.

If we do have to remove the hardwood floor's finish, we use a penetrating moisture meter to ensure the moisture content is below 12 percent before applying a new one or even begin sanding. If the moisture level is above that when work begins, there is a possibility the flooring would warp again.

Restoring your home from the effects of water damage is an intensive, time-consuming process. SERVPRO of South Nashville is ready to support our community with almost five decades of experience in the business of helping get your home and life back to normal. Call us today at (615) 331-0200 if you need our assistance.

The Dangers of Heavy Flood Damage

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Storm Damage The Dangers of Heavy Flood Damage A Flood Damaged Area

SERVPRO Technicians are Thoroughly Trained to Remediate Damage after a Flood

Flood damage is often extensive, and can carry more than a few hazards in its waters. Floods are no simple matter to clean up and repair after, and often require specialized training and heavy machinery to truly have all traces of them removed from a home. SERVPRO technicians are trained extensively on how to deal with floods and the hazards they contain, and have the adequate equipment to deal with them as well. Here are some of the most critical factors in a flood, and reasons why you should leave the process of navigating them to a professional.
Black Water
Floods are often categorized by their water color, with the most dangerous color being "black" water. This is extremely murky water that often contains extremely high concentrations of contaminants, and is one of the main reasons why cases of flood damage in Nashville are treated with extreme caution. This water may contain chemical hazards, dangerous microbes and viruses, shards of broken material, and many other unseen dangers. This type of floodwater requires extreme caution when being dealt with, and should never be touched by a homeowner or untrained individual.
Broken Glass, Wood, and Other Material
Shards of broken material are particularly dangerous after a flood, as they may be difficult to spot and in high concentrations. Floods are not gentle, and more often than not something breaks in their wake, creating sharp bits and pieces which may be scattered about an area. In addition to the cut and stab hazard these present, they also carry a very high risk of infection, as floodwaters often contaminate every surface they touch with microbes and viruses.
Weakened Structures
After unusually heavy flooding, the structure itself may be unstable, as floodwaters soak into building foundations, walls, and supports. Our technicians are trained to be able to identify these risks, but you may not be. In some cases, it is not until all water has been pumped out and the room has been thoroughly dried that structural safety can be assured.
SERVPRO of South Nashville trains all of its technicians extensively, and you can rest assured that they will be able to clean and restore your property in a safe and efficient manner after any flood damage. Call us 24/7 at (615) 331-0200 for our help with any flood damage emergency.

What to Do In The Aftermath of a South Nashville Tornado?

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Storm Damage What to Do In The Aftermath of a South Nashville Tornado? South Nashville tornadoes can a terrifying, and they can create a great deal of damage as well.

What to Do In The Aftermath of a Tornado?

South Nashville tornadoes can a terrifying, and they can create a great deal of damage as well. Being aware of what you should do after a tornado is very important if you want to protect everyone and prevent the loss of property. The following is a list of tips that can help minimize losses in the aftermath of a South Nashville tornado.

Right after a tornado has occurred, it is vital to stay calm and assess the situation before you do anything. First, you need to make sure that everyone is out of harm's way. Look through the area for standing puddles, leaning or weakened trees, and fallen power lines. If you see any of these things, avoid them completely. If you are on the inside of a building, survey the building for indicators of structural damage, such as damaged walls and cracked ceilings. Make sure that the storm is truly over and that it is safe to go outside before you do so. Remember that hail and lightning are still possible after the South Nashville tornado is over.

When you have verified the safety of your immediate surroundings, find loved ones and ensure their safety. If you are with a group of people and some are injured, have one person call the appropriate emergency services. Since there will probably be many people calling these services, assigning one person to do it for your group will limit the number of people tying up the phone lines.

It is important to look out for the following as well: jagged metal, broken glass, hazardous material spills, nails, and roaming or wild animals that could still be spooked from the South Nashville storm and thus dangerous to people.

Before you try to clean up messes, be sure that you have verification from an emergency professional that the area is safe. Do not try to enter your property if there is any structural damage, bare electrical wiring, fires, or indications that it might collapse. Also, turn off electricity using the electric panel, and shut off gas valves.

When the area is safe for entry, wear protective clothing, such as gloves, goggles, long sleeve shirts, rubber boots, and a breathing mask that can provide protection from hazardous chemicals or any remaining smoke. Once you have gotten your most vital items, such as photo albums and birth certificates, and cleaned any hazardous materials and spilled medication, take pictures of everything in your home so that you can document to the damage for your insurance company.

It is also a good idea to contact a disaster restoration and clean up service. If you live in Tennessee you have access to catastrophe recovery professionals, such as the ones at SERVPRO. These professionals will come to the property, assess the situation, and put together a disaster recovery plan to help minimize damage from the storm. They can also help you in your contacts with the insurance company to reduce your stress during the claim process as much as possible.

Locally Owned Company with National Storm Resources

SERVPRO of South Nashville is locally owned and operated—so we live and work here too, and are proud to be part of the Nashville community. We are also part of a national network of 1,650 with special Disaster Recover Teams that can respond with additional resources during catastrophic storms and major events.

We are proud to serve our local communities:

Flood and storm damage require specialized equipment and restoration techniques. We can respond immediately to storm and flood conditions. (615) 331-0200

Four Places To Watch To Prevent Nashville Water Damage In Your Home

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Storm Damage Four Places To Watch To Prevent Nashville Water Damage In Your Home About 90% of Nashville homeowners have dealt with the woes of water damage.

By Jamie Shelley
12 Oct. 2014 9:15 AM Eastern

Four Places To Watch To Prevent Water Damage

About 90% of Nashville homeowners have dealt with the woes of water damage. That percentage may point to the idea that water damage in Nashville is unavoidable, but don't lose hope. It is still possible to prevent it. Even if prevention doesn't happen, the tips listed below encourage early detection. Early detection keeps the problem controllable, easier to fix and cheaper to rectify. In order to keep Nashville water damage as far away as possible, pay special attention to these different compartments and appliances in your Bentwood home.

1. Roof and gutters
Be sure to check the roof and gutters of your Bentwood home. It is important to make sure the roof doesn't have any missing or damaged shingles. The shingles are really important for making sure the moisture stays out of the roof. When going on the roof, be very careful and make sure to use a sturdy ladder for safety. The gutters are a little different. Using a hose, rinse the gutters down. Get rid of any excess dirt and debris. While using the hose, make sure to keep an eye out for any leaks while the gutters are still wet. Leaky gutters need special attention as they can morph into water damage disasters in the house. When the gutters catch and release rainwater, make sure the water is disposed between three to six feet away from the house located in Brentwood especially as winter approaches.

2. Boilers and Water Heaters
Boilers need to be thoroughly cleaned and drained once every year. Place some sort of timer or scheduled event on the calendar, don't forget to stay on top of this. Water heaters work best when they are monitored and flushed every six months. The reason for flushing the water heater is because over time, sediments and debris easily pile up inside. To keep it working properly, stay on top of the routine flushing to prevent water damage.

3. Water Bill
Keep an eye on the water bill each time it comes. Seasonal changes might make the bill go up. If the bill seems to be unusually high, check to see if there are leaky pipes, faucets or drains in your Goodlettsville house. If not caught quickly, this can lead to mold in your Goodlettsville home or business. The bill for mold removal is usually much higher than the water bill, so count the costs and keep an eye on those numbers.

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures
Water is constantly flowing in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. Pipes for the sinks, toilets and faucets as well as different appliances that use water (i.e. dishwasher) need to be checked routinely for leaks and excess water. Water pressure is another great indicator of an issue. Normally the water pressure in Lebanon Tn. is very high to keep out bacteria. If the water pressure is low, this could mean that there is a leak somewhere. For places like the bathtub that regularly come into contact with water, add splash guards to the baseboards near the shower. This will help to protect the walls, present a more polished look and prevent potential Lebanon mold issues and water damage.

These suggestions are just a few of the many ways to avoid water damage in Watertown. Making the home's water concerns a top priority will increase home safety and avoid torrential disaster. It is much better to make the sacrifice now than pay the costs later. After all, an ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure! Keep up with any national disasters that may impact you by Googling

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