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SERVPRO - Nashville Vent Cleaning Costs After A Fire

8/11/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO - Nashville Vent Cleaning Costs After A Fire SERVPRO of South Nashville is here for you when disaster strikes.

What Are The Costs of Cleaning Your Vent After A Fire?

Cleaning a home after fire damage is a long process that needs a professional service. No matter how hard homeowners work, they do not have the training or the equipment to clean their home properly. Scrubbing with bleach and repainting every wall and ceiling does not get the job done.

After a fire, vent cleaning is a must for every Nashville home. The cost to do it is irrelevant; the cost to not do it is to spread smoke and soot residue through the entire home the first time someone turns on the HVAC. SERVPRO knows that August is almost here, so a clean and functioning air conditioner is a must.

Since smoke gets into everything, we start with the idea that every vent and section of ductwork behind them is contaminated. That means that while we can clean everything within reach of a brush on a telescoping arm, we still cannot wipe down every inch by hand. The solution is to use fogging machines to vaporize a combination of chemical cleaners and antibacterial agents. Then, we force the fog through the ductwork in a controlled manner to clean them all.

Technicians carefully mix the agents while other team members seal off all vents except for the exits that we want. Flexible, temporary ducts are attached to the entry and exits, and then the fogging machine is started.

As the fogger does its work, we place a box fan behind it and turn it on low. This airflow begins to drive the fog slowly throughout the ductwork. After enough time has elapsed for the agents to work, we unseal the exit point. When technicians see the fog begin to flow through and out of the house, we increase the speed of the fan. The increased airflow speed breaks loose residue we would not reach before and blows it out of the home. Technicians repeat the process until no more contaminated particles come through the exit.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO of South Nashville wants to help put our friends and neighbors back into their homes as quickly and safely as possible. If you have had a fire, call us today at (615) 331-0200 for an inspection and free estimate.

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Commercial Ductwork Cleaning In Nashville

7/28/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Ductwork Cleaning In Nashville Keeping a healthy environment is important in any business, but a health care office must take extra precautions to keep their patients safe.

Ductwork Cleaning

Medical clinics do not have the same requirements as a hospital when it comes to cleanliness or the need for sterile rooms for operations or testing facilities. They do need to be clean and safe for patients and personnel to seek medical care and serve patients. In some cases, this may require cleaning out the ductwork and other pieces of the HVAC system.

Not every situation needs this type of treatment, however. Since there is always the chance for damage when cleaning commercial ductwork, SERVPRO has developed the following questions for business owners to help determine if we need to inspect for ourselves and what actions to take:

Can you see any contamination or smell anything in your ducts? It is straightforward to open a vent and shine a light inside. If the clinic manager does not see anything, our technicians still remove a vent cover and use a camera snake to look further into the ductwork. If we do not find anything, then the dust and odors have another source.

Is duct cleaning the best solution? If we do find something in your ducts, cleaning may not help. If the origin of the contamination is a raccoon or other animal who has figured out a way in, the best solution is to call Animal Control. If there are feces or an accumulation of urine, we use anti-bacterial agents to neutralize the physical threat and then remove the contamination using scrubbing brushes or specially designed vacuums.

If the answer is yes to both questions, we isolate the ductwork, seal the vents, and make certain the HVAC is turned off to prevent further distribution of contaminants throughout the facility. The same cleaners, scrubbers, and vacuums we also use for dirt and other, non-biological contaminations.

If the contamination is widespread, we use a variety of fogging machines to break down cleaning agents and force them through every square inch of the ducts. Our next step is to unseal a vent and set up a fan to force air through the ductwork. Technicians also open a vent to serve as an exit point and attach a flexible hose to direct loose particles outside of the clinic.

Keeping a healthy environment is important in any business, but a health care office must take extra precautions to keep their patients safe. At SERVPRO of South Nashville, we do everything possible to keep our local clinics and other businesses open and serving customers. If you need our service, call today at (615) 331-0200.

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Basement Waterproofing Improves The Condition Of Your Nashville Area Home

7/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Basement Waterproofing Improves The Condition Of Your Nashville Area Home Nashville Basement Water Proofing Starts with a Sump Pump System Installation. SERVPRO Can Help

Encapsulation and Coatings Improve Conditions in Basements and Crawlspaces to Combat Water Damage

Easily rid your home of wet, muddy cinder block walls and standing water that leads to mold or other issues that take their toll on your living environment. Constant moisture problems found in your home’s crawlspace can be corrected using encapsulation services available at your local SERVPRO. For a finished basement, a waterproof coating applied to the exterior, above and below the grade level, can be of great benefit to combat moisture intrusions.

Through the installation of basement waterproofing, you can better protect your Nashville-area property. Protect the structural integrity of your home and increase your indoor air quality using IICRC certified technicians with years of experience.  
Originally your home builder designed your crawl space to maintain somewhat of a ventilated space. However, the ventilation installed is far from adequate, leading to a buildup of the conditions that cause the problems you are dealing with today.  
Crawl spaces are humid, dark spaces that allow mold to grow, wood to rot, and bad air to stagnate, contributing to higher energy costs, unnecessary home repairs, and even health problems. Basement waterproofing presents you with an opportunity to keep unwanted moisture away from your home, reducing complications that arise over time.  
Expertly trained SERVPRO technicians take the time to clean each surface found in your crawlspace, eliminating moisture and balancing the relative humidity levels under your home. Our skilled technicians remove any excess water and scrape away water-damaged insulation. We utilize portable dehumidifiers and even Santa Fe 2 unit types to capture any remaining moisture.
SERVPRO technicians help isolate the structural components of your home from the effects of high humidity, using vapor barriers and Crawlguard liners to mitigate moisture infiltration. With a full crawlspace encapsulation, vapor barriers cover the entire area, including columns, piers, and ground soil. Providing you with a permanent solution to dampness and humidity problems that often occur.
The old vents that once led to the outside of your home no longer present a problem, solving rodent and pest infestation issues, mold problems, and structural problems that often develop for many homeowners.
SERVPRO of South Nashville serves as a one-stop source to help protect your home and family. Give us an opportunity to protect your home’s future, call today. (615) 331-0200  

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Combat Mold Damage In Your Nashville Area Home

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Combat Mold Damage In Your Nashville Area Home SERVPRO responds to calls about mold growth nearly every day.

When Mold Strikes, SERVPRO Strikes Back

The existence of mold on your property presents you with a serious problem that you should attend to as quickly as possible. Hesitating allows mold to penetrate further, causing additional damage and possible health issues.

Yes, you can attempt to clean mold and mildew from your Nashville home. However, mold damage exceeding 10 square inches in size presents a bigger threat than most homeowners can handle. Making professional mold damage remediation services your best option.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to stop the spread of mold found in your home. Mold presents as ugly water stains, releases microscopic spores into your living environment, and often coincides with nasty smells that make it embarrassing to have friends or family over to visit.

While it is entirely possible for you to contain smaller problems yourself, they may be the first sign of a larger problem, lingering within your walls, crawlspaces, or attic. Without knowing what to look for, or the proper equipment to handle the situation correctly, you may cause additional damage or spread mold growth even further.

A company, like SERVPRO, provides you with expertly trained mold remediation specialists who track the progress of mold found on your property. With access to infrared moisture detectors, water extractors, air movers, negative-airflow machines, and years of experience, we can easily control mold growth and help you prevent future growth.

SERVPRO technicians take the time to answer any questions you may have and only suggest services you need to get things under control in a quick and an efficient manner. We work with your insurance company to provide you with a stress-free claims process and ensure that you receive the results you deserve.

SERVPRO responds to calls about mold growth nearly every day. With expert training, years of experience, and the proper equipment at our disposal, we can contain the source of the problem, remove saturated materials, and get growth under control fast.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Make the call to SERVPRO of South Nashville to begin your home’s recovery today. (615) 331-0200

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Help Deciding Whether Duct Cleaning Services Are Needed In Your Nashville Area Home

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Help Deciding Whether Duct Cleaning Services Are Needed In Your Nashville Area Home Clean Nashville Ducts for Improved IAQ by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Inspects and Cleans Ducts to Improve IAQ

According to the EPA, cooking, cleaning, smoking, or simply moving around in your home can cause greater exposure to contaminants than a dirty air duct. However, if you have visible mold growth, broken or bent ducts, a rodent or insect infestation, or something as simple as heavy dust build up in your ductwork, professional duct cleaning services can help.  

You likely have dirt, pollen, animal dander, and debris throughout the ductwork in your Nashville area home. Duct Cleaning services can help if performed by a qualified company. These services also contribute to improving the efficiency and costs associated with running your ventilation system, greatly increasing the lifespan of cooling coils, fans, and heat exchangers.  
If you have a fire, flood, recent construction, repairs, or remodeling, and no one bothered to cover your registers before work began, duct cleaning services are your best option. SERVPRO can provide you with excellent duct cleaning services that help promote a healthy living environment. We like to pay specific attention to various components found in your heating and cooling system. We use the latest in industrial grade HEPA filtered vacuums, and upon completion even spray a pleasant deodorizer to your living space via your HVAC system.
SERVPRO checks your air ducts, registers, grilles, diffusers, exchangers, coils, condensation drip pans, fan motor, housing, and air handler for dust and debris that might cause malfunctions. If moisture is present, we can help locate and repair the source to prevent mold growth, or if it already exists, take the proper steps to remediate the problem before things get out of hand.
SERVPRO‘s duct cleaning services help repair air leaks, save you energy and improve the overall performance of your heating and cooling system. If you have any questions about this service, feel free to contact us. We can provide answers to any questions you may have and help you make an informed decision about products and services related to the issue you are having in your home. Rely on us to improve your IAQ indoor air quality.
SERVPRO of South Nashville treats each customer with respect and dignity. We work hard to provide you with services to address environmental problems found in your home or emergency recovery services that help you get back on your feet after a disaster. Never hesitate to give us a call. (615) 331-0200

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Performing Duct Cleaning Services In Your Nashville Area Home Can Help Catch Other Problems Sooner

5/24/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Performing Duct Cleaning Services In Your Nashville Area Home Can Help Catch Other Problems Sooner Secure the Air Quality of Your Nashville Home with HVAC Cleaning by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Services and Uncovers Hidden Issues with Duct Cleaning

You may not feel that having a company out to clean the ducting in your ventilation system is all that important. However, there are quite a few hazards that these services can help you avoid if performed properly.
Performing HVAC duct cleaning services in your Nashville area home improves your indoor air quality, and gives you an opportunity to check for damages that may exist. Having your system cleaned also increases the lifespan and efficiency of air handlers, registers, grilles, fans, motors, and coils found throughout your ventilation system.
Cleaning the ducts in your home can help discover contaminants early, preventing health issues, or further damages from developing that cause significant problems in your home. Mold can grow unencumbered, reaching every room in your home without you even knowing that it exists until your only choice involves reacting to damages.  
Expertly trained technicians, like those offered at SERVPRO, help prevent problems from occurring on your property, using services like duct cleaning to catch problems early, limit losses you experience and catch things before they get out of control.  
You may have problems with your ventilation system that requires replacement of entire sections of your ductwork, making sheetrock, painting, and other repairs necessary to complete the job correctly. SERVPRO technicians have years of experience performing these repairs as well as managing your entire restoration process, making problems like this as stress-free as possible.
If you have recently had renovations performed, overcome animal intrusions, had a rash of family illness, or if you have gone years without performing duct cleaning in your home, it is time to consider turning to someone you trust for help.  
SERVPRO uses specialized equipment such as air blowers and vacuums with HEPA filters to clean out the supply, intake, and return ducts found on your property, paying specific attention to HVAC system components to rid your home of contaminants that may exist.
Our technicians follow standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) providing you with the safe, professional services you need to obtain the results you deserve. Contact SERVPRO of South Nashville for answers to any questions you may have or begin services today. (615) 331-0200   For more information on Nashville check out:


Nashville Vent Cleaning Is Wise Maintenance for Fire Damage Protection

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Nashville Vent Cleaning Is Wise Maintenance for Fire Damage Protection SERVPRO Protects Your Nashville Home from Fire Damage with Dryer Vent Cleaning

SERVPRO Helps Prevent Fire in Your Nashville Home with Dryer Vent Cleaning

House fires affect millions of people every year at the cost of over $500 Million. Smoke detectors have proved their value every year, saving lives and homes from total loss. Most house fires start in the kitchen, but a significant number still occur in a place most forget about once the item is installed, the dryer vent.

A dryer vent cleaning cost may seem like an avoidable charge, but it is needed to prevent fire in your Nashville home. There are over 15,000 dryer fires each year, and the accumulated property damage cost exceeds $70 Million annually. SERVPRO has the personnel and equipment needed to keep you from adding to those numbers in the coming year. This vent cleaning can also reduce the workload of your clothes dryer while lowering energy usage.

A dryer inside the house or apartment uses a metal exhaust pipe (galvanized iron or steel usually) to vent hot air to the outside of the home. The zinc-coated material is designed to handle the highest dryer setting and more, but not open flames from burning, built-up lint. Since this is an exhaust pipe and smoke seeks the easiest access, a vent fire goes undetected by the smoke detectors much longer than a fire anywhere else in the house.

If your dryer is in the garage or under a carport, the chance for a major fire is reduced, but not eliminated. The flexible vent tube may not run under the house, but it is still at risk. The buildup of lint can still ignite, destroying your dryer and the washer next to it. As the flexible, plastic pipe melts, the burning material quickly ignites drywall and other building material. Worse, there is the possible loss of a car, boat, ATV or RV that might be parked next to the dryer as well.

Our SERVPRO technicians can eliminate this threat with an inspection. We can attach an air mover which introduces high-velocity air flow into your vent for just a few minutes. If the build-up has caked against the sides of the pipe, they use a brush with a telescoping handle to scrape the sides and then reattach the air mover to blow the lint outside your home. For a flexible conduit, we detach it from the dryer and clean it outside using either an air mover or your own garden hose to wash it out.

The cost for vent cleaning is minor compared to other restoration and cleaning work. It is significantly cheaper than removing fire damaged drywall and cleaning smoke and soot covered property. If you need our services or would like an inspection, contact SERVPRO of South Nashville at (615) 331-0200.

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Mold Tends To Favor Hard-To-Reach Places

5/11/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Tends To Favor Hard-To-Reach Places Mold gets behind walls, under crawl spaces, into tiny cracks and corners, and other unreachable places in a home with relative ease.

Mold In Hard-To-Reach Places

Mold gets behind walls, under crawl spaces, into tiny cracks and corners, and other unreachable places in a home with relative ease. This is what has allowed mold to survive for so long throughout the planet's history: it seeks out places where little else can grow, takes root there, and spreads out as far as it can go. While this is perfect for the mold, it is bad for your home, as mold eats away at building materials and can even cause health effects for residents. SERVPRO technicians take care to check each of these key out-of-sight areas in most mold remediations, to find out if a colony has taken root without the homeowner noticing.

Under Carpets
Carpeting is one of the most at-risk materials in a Nashville home to mold damage. There are a few fundamental reasons as to why carpeting fosters mold growth. Firstly, carpets are absorbent and can store small amounts of any water spilled over them for extended periods of time, giving the mold a suitable and lasting source of moisture to survive on. Secondly, the fibers and weaving of most types of carpeting create the perfect harbor for growing mold spores. We always use thermal, chemical, and sometimes physical checks to determine if mold has worked its way under any carpeting.

Behind Walls
Most of the biggest mold colonies SERVPRO technicians tackle are located behind walls or underneath floors. These areas are static and dark, giving mold the perfect place to grow if any moisture finds its way into the vicinity. Our advanced detection equipment allows us to find mold where you'd otherwise never notice it.

In Cracks And Corners
Mold does not require much space to start growing, making it a tough opponent in constricted spaces like wall cracks and deep corners. We stock an extensive supply of specially-designed tools and materials to root out these almost unreachable colonies, so don't worry if you find the mold in a seemingly impossible place.

SERVPRO of South Nashville is a locally-owned franchise with national resources that helps homeowners to overcome mold, water, and fire damage at as little cost and strain as possible. Give us a call at (615) 331-0200.

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SERVPRO Is NADCA Certified In Nashville

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Is NADCA Certified In Nashville An incomplete cleaning means the system is re-contaminated within a day or two.

Air Ducts And HVAC Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is poorly named. Thorough cleaning of the ducts means a complete cleaning of the entire HVAC system. Removing loose dirt and other particles out of the ducts does no good if the blower remains uncleaned. An incomplete cleaning means the system is re-contaminated within a day or two.

SERVPRO is National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified to clean commercial and residential HVAC systems in Nashville. A thorough cleaning includes all components: Air ducts, blower motor, and assembly, filters, grills, heat exchanger, and registers. We also clean the coils, drain pan and the space around the HVAC system (the air plenum) as well. According to NADCA, there are two components to cleaning any HVAC system. Breaking loose contaminant particles and collecting them.

Breaking Loose The Contaminants
We start with one of the agitation devices in our inventory to scrub the components clean using contact vacuuming or hand-brushing. Air whips, brushes of various sizes, and compressed air nozzles (also called skipper balls) are just a few of the equipment items available. Our technicians are trained to use each one without damaging duct walls and other components. If needed, we also keep an extensive number of cleaning agents as well as anti-microbial and anti-fungal chemicals to break down and loosen the contaminants.

Collecting Contaminants
As we clean the HVAC system, technicians place the entire system under constant negative pressure to stop particles from spreading to other parts of the system and into other areas of the structure. This pressure, along with agitation, forces the even very fine particulate matter to become airborne and make them much easier to collect and remove.

To accomplish this, technicians access the HVAC through grills and registers. At points far from them, it may be necessary to drill holes into the duct work to use the cleaning tools. Creating these temporary openings and them repairing them takes a trained, professional service.

SERVPRO of South Nashville is a locally owned franchise. Cleaning your HVAC is not just a job for us; it also means helping our neighbors keep their homes healthy and safe. Call us at (615) 331-0200 today for an inspection and free estimate.

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Nashville Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Schools

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Nashville Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Schools Air Quality Improvement with SERVPRO Commercial Duct Cleaning in Nashville Area Schools

Air Systems and Duct Work Get Serviced by SERVPRO in the Nashville Area

Air ducts are necessary to circulate clean, cool, and or warm air throughout schools to ensure a healthy environment for students, teachers, and administrative faculty. When the HVAC system is broken or unsafe, everyone in the facility suffers.

Keeping a Nashville school safe, requires regular, commercial air duct cleaning. Scheduled cleaning also keeps the maintenance costs down. SERVPRO keeps an extensive inventory of equipment and a trained response team that can handle every type of air duct and HVAC system on the market today.

To ensure our SERVPRO cleaning team does a thorough job, we use a process developed over decades in business. First, one of our inspectors performs a complete check of the duct work using personal, visual inspection and specialized camera equipment where needed. Once completed, they provide a full report on what needs cleaning and if any mold is present.
If mold is present, our team technicians use anti-fungal foggers to ensure that most active spores are killed or rendered inert. If needed, they use specially designed physical scrubbers to loosen the mold from the duct surfaces to make removal easier.

As the mold cleaning takes place, other team members clean the other elements of the HVAC system. Technicians scrub the furnace, blower, evaporator coils and every vent cover in the structure. We do this because if we do not, once the system is turned on, dust and other contaminants simply blow into the duct work, wasting time and money.

For the next step, technicians use compressors to force air through the system to push dirt and other soil to the exit points we establish. Then, they use the commercial vacuums at our disposal to remove the mold as well as the regular dirt and other soils. If mold is even suspected to be in the HVAC system, technicians use HEPA filters on our industrial grade equipment. These specialty filterscan even trap single mold spores.
Once we have removed all contaminants, an inspector performs a final check and writes up a complete before-and-after report. This inspection means not just checking the duct work, but every classroom in the school to ensure we leave a cleaner environment than when we arrived. There is a reason many municipalities rely on SERVPRO to ensure a clean and healthy air quality in their buildings.

Cleaning out HVAC ducts of dirt, mold, pollen, dander, house mites, and other contaminants is a careful process, but a needed one considering how many students can be adversely affected. It also saves valuable resources so essential to the already tight budgets our schools have today. SERVPRO of South Nashville stands ready to support our schools and local businesses. Call us today at (615) 331-0200.